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Hard Trance Jan '10

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HFD021 Released:

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A) Dj The Corbz & S.F.M

B) S.F.M

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SOUTH WEST STYLE! Proper SW UK hard trance supported by Nick The Kid, FJ Project, Louk, Kev Energy and all the boys. 303 warehouse party music to warm up the rave until the police come. HUGE UNDERGROUND HARD TRANCE!

Track Information:

Highfish are delighted to welcome back SFM and DJ the Corbz for their own EP, following their remix of Freelove, which saw support from Louk, Nick the Kid, DJ Madwave and Kevin Energy, among others.

Definitely is a punchy hardtrancer with uplifting melodies that will stick in your head all weekend.

Divide has a slightly harder sound, still keeps the uplifting feel. Great for pushing the dancefloor along mid-set.

Both tracks mastered by Luca Cominato, Italy.


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