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Dj The CorbzBorn in the small seaside town of Weymouth on the coast of Dorset. James Corbin aka Dj The Corbz first found his love for dance music in the mid to late nineties.

He was first infected by the sounds of the commercial dance hitting the airwaves at the time, tracks like DJ Jean - The Launch, Dejure - Sanctuary and Sash - Encore Une Fois to name but a few. But it wasn't until 1999/2000 that he begun to take notice of the sensational trance that was being released by the likes of Paul Van Dyk, System F, Binary Finary & Rank 1. After a few years of 'trancing out' to his vast collection of 'Kiss' & 'Trance Nation' CD's, James decided that this was the music for him, and he wanted more!

(c) Paul Barton Photography 2009In 2002, he was introduced to a new sound - Hard Trance. 'Helter Skelter' and 'The Country Club' seemed to be the buzzwords amongst his friends. After just one taste, the harder side of trance was enough to spur James out of his sleepy state and gave him the push to begin to DJ. The ride began!

Within a few months, James had mastered the basics and was building a good reputation as a hot up & comer. Befriending local DJ legends Jon the Baptist & Iain Cross, he began to push himself for his first club appearance. Shortly, he grabbed his first set at a newcomer night in Exeter, performing at the then acclaimed night 'Subterrania'. His DJ career was born..

The crew @ My 21stFrom then on, there was no looking back. James quickly picked up sets at all the local nights and made many good friends. After just a few years of DJ'ing and beginning at the tender age of 15, he was well on his way. He was signed to record label and DJ collective 'High Fish Recordings' and began to set up his own promotions - 'Firesky' & 'Trashed', working alongside several other like minded ravers & DJ's.

Since then, he has achieved a great deal. Playing alongside the top DJ's in their respective scenes, with sets afar afield as Ibiza, Nottingham, Swansea, Plymouth, London and Bristol to name but a few!

Magnetix Interview

by Dean Zone @

Magnetix vs. Firesky - Fri Jan 30thInterview with myself and M.N.K.Y & Ryki back in January 2009. This was featured on as part of the promotion for Magnetix vs. Firesky at Club 414 on 30/01/09.

"I can see shenanigans. I can see hard trance and I can see a very drunk M.N.K.Y & Ryki dancing like complete arse lovers whilst incorporating a game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' into their moves. "

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